For COD Value Rs.500 and Rs.1000 note will not accept from 8th of November 2016

Important All Members: Due to Technically issue Instant Transfer on hold between 9-15 Jan 2017

Important: Entry/OCTOI Tax will be applicable/levied as per State Norms.
State Tax Forms are mandatory by FEDEX, ARAMAX in UP,RJ,GJ,PB,WB,OR,MP,J&K...Details
Product Value should not be more than Rs:4,999 while sending your product in UTTAR PRADESH (UP)

Sale Tax Forms


S No ePickr destination State Type of statutory Road permit /paperwork requirement Domestic paperwork exemption limit (INR) State VAT website (URL)
1 Andhra Pradesh Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
2 Andaman & Nicobar Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
3 Arunachal Pradesh Entry Tax CI DG -01 (TPT doc) <10,000
4 Assam Entry Tax CI Form 62 <20,000
5 Bihar VAT CI Form D IX- Online Nil
6 Chandigarh Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
7 Chhattisgarh Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
8 Dadra & Nager Haveli Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
9 Daman & Diu Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
10 Delhi Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
11 Goa Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
12 Gujarat Entry Tax CI Form 403 Nil
13 Haryana Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
14 Himachal Pradesh Entry Tax Shipper Invoice Nil
15 Jammu & Kashmir Entry Tax Shipper Invoice <5,000
16 Jharkhand Nil CI Form 502 Nil
17 Karnataka Nil Invoice & Declaration Nil
18 Kerala Nil CI Form 16 <5,000
19 Lakshadweep Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
20 Madhya Pradesh Nil CI VAT Form 50-Online Nil
21 Maharashtra Octroi Nil <150
22 Manipur Nil CI VAT Form 37 Nil
23 Meghalaya VAT Form 40 CI Special Permit Nil
24 Mizoram Octroi CI VAT Form 34 Nil
25 Nagaland Octroi CI VAT Form 23 Nil
26 Orissa Entry Tax* Shipper Invoice Nil
27 Pondicherry Octroi Shipper Invoice Nil
28 Punjab Entry Tax* Shipper Invoice Nil
29 Rajasthan Entry Tax* CI Declaration Nil
30 Sikkim Octroi CI VAT 26 Nil
31 Tamil Nadu Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
32 Tripura Nil CI VAT permit Nil
33 Telangana Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
34 Uttar Pradesh Octroi CI VAT Form 39 Nil
35 Uttrakhand Nil CI Vat Form 17 <5,000
36 West Bengal Entry Tax* Shipper Invoice Nil



Important Note:

  • Intra India movements of the commodities in exemption list of VAT & Entry Tax regulations of the destination state are not subject to any VAT form under B2C & B2B Movements.
  • TIN number of shipper & Consignee on shipping invoice in case of B2B and of shipper in case of B2C is mandatory
  • *Entry permit for ecomm shipment to Odisha and West Bengal is exempted but subject to Entry Tax.
  • VAT Form wherever applicable may be for select goods or select category of dealers. Pls visit the destination state VAT website for further detail
  • Declaration from consignee may be required in case of B2C / C2C movements as per the destination state requirement
  • Shipment to Arunachal Pradesh as gift or sample declared on Invoice upto the INR value 10,000 is allowed entry without Entry Tax. VAT form DG01 is filled up and signed by the carrier registered with VAT authority
  • Entry Tax on B2C shipments to Odisha & WB is applicable for online/e-comm movements only, VAT form is applicable for other B2C, B2B & C2C movements
  • Shipments can move to Tripura (AAG )by air without VAT Form and will be delivered after endorsement of VAT form from VAT authority by the consignee
  • Shipment to Assam - VAT Form not required for B2C movement into Assam for Qty not be exceeding 01 pc, 01 Dozen, 5kg, 5 meters as per the unit measurement practice .If Entry tax is applicable on the commodity is to be paid and VAT form to be arranged by the consignee before movement of shipment to Assam
  • Entry Tax is charged on selected commodity as listed under the destination state VAT website. Pls log on the respective state website before pickup under B2C movement
  • Mis-declaration may result in fine/ penalty / seizure of goods
  • Regulatory requirement are same for surface and air mode unless specified otherwise in the destination state VAT regulations.
  • In most state VAT regulations w.r.t. to e-commerce and personal shipments (B2C & C2C) are not clearly defined, therefore, state boarder clearance is subject to the discretion of the concerned check post VAT officers
  • Value threshold for Bihar and UP is under review by the respective VAT authoriies.
  • Kindly Consult your tax consultants for more details.